What Is Standing Between You and The Life Of Your Dreams and Desires?


Do you know the reason(s) standing between you and the life of your dreams and desires?

If you guessed–a problem, Notice I said “create” your dreams and desires versus focusing on a problem. When we focus on a problem or the problem… we find more problems. If we focus on a course of action… we are focusing on solutions. What is the best way to invent the light bulb? Edison didn’t look at all his ‘failures’ he looked at what to do next to invent the light bulb.

Having assisted people to create the life of their dreams and desires for 30+ years, it’s none of the usual obstacles people readily see. And, it has nothing to do with outside circumstances–I.e the economy, the political climate, the competition and/or (fill in the blank).

Here are 10 more reasons people fail to create their dreams and desires:

  • Treat a marathon like a sprint.
  • Too much in a hurry.
  • Put the cart before the horse.
  • Failure to believe in oneself.
  • Failure to enjoy the process.
  • Only look at failure and fail to look at progress.
  • Thinking working harder vs smarter is key.
  • Fail to use peer support.
  • All work and no play.
  • Fear of failure.

Of course, we need caution to survive! Fear is an exaggeration of natural and appropriate caution. This exaggeration is created by your indoctrination and conditioning, which becomes your beliefs from previous experiences.

How to transform what you are holding yourself back into enthusiasm and excitement, and to quiet your internal self-doubt and ultimately success.

In this video you’ll hear a funny, yet inspiring story about a 19th century acrobat who believed in himself that compelled him to be able to achieve the impossible (or at least, what everyone thought was impossible) over and over again.

You’ll learn the meaning behind a powerful confidence-boosting technique. It might sound silly, but it works!

My desire for you is that this story will lift your spirits, make you smile, show you how to transform your fear of failure, fear of success, and replace limiting beliefs and self-doubt with powerful belief in yourself.

“Together We are Strong as a Tribe.” Ana Hawk, Lakota

About Dr. Dorothy:
Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D., Metaphysician and International Best Selling Author is a recognized authority on bridging Science and Human Potential. Dr. Dorothy provides comprehensive protocols to discover and transform the root cause for issues and diagnoses. Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Transformation combines creating health while healing past mental, emotional, and physical distress.

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