6 things you should know before writing a guest post

writing guest post
writing guest post

Guest blogging is an essential step in your website SEO if you’re trying to rank your website the right way among your competitors online. It’s extremely crucial to know the main key factors to write an appealing article to both search engines and human readers.

This post will give a quick idea around those key factors starting from picking the right idea for your content, writing an outline and a great introduction, content flow and consistency and finally submitting your article to a relevant site that will crown your content will a great article for readers and search engines.

The main key factors writing a great article are:

Pick a unique topic to write about

Not only writing a nice post and placing your target links within the content will get you there where search engines would rank your website higher. Nowadays, most search engines are smart enough and their ranking algorithms have evolved to clearly and easily distinguish between valuable information placed on the internet and those non-unique and repeated content that would add barely nothing to the readers.

That’s why you should focus your content around real human readers not search engines and analyze your ideas carefully to indicate the uniqueness and quality of your content.

Write an outline for your content

Once you’ve identified the main idea of your content you’re about to write, it’s the right time to start writing an outline for your content. An outline is just a group of headlines that your content will be written around. It’s not recommended to start writing a 1000-word article without an outline since an outline works as a backbone to your content and will wrap your head around the full content, the main flow of ideas and more importantly the context of the overall article.

Start your content with an eye-catching introduction

Once you’ve written an outline, the most important step now is to write an eye-catchy introduction to your article. A great introduction will always motivate your readers to continue reading your article and will also give your audience the idea that reading this article will give them the information they are looking for if they continued reading. Remember, writing content should always be around human readers not search engines.

Consistency is key

Every part in your content is extremely important to be taken care of. It’s crucial to keep the main flow of ideas between every section in your article. Not only consistency will keep your readers encouraged to continue reading your content but also search engines are now smart enough to identify the main theme of your article and what you’re trying to deliver to your readers. Your outline will help you write a consistent content with a powerful value to your readers, search engines and in the end to your business.

Article submission and its importance

Once you have written a great piece of content, it’s important that you pay a good attention to which website you’re writing your content to. This step in the writing process is called article submission where you actually place your content on an external website and submit your posts to be published live and read by users searching for the same information you have posted. We encourage you to start reading about the importance of article submission to SEO to have an idea around actual steps needed to accomplish a great article posted on a relevant website that will really add value to your business in the end.

Relevancy is key

It’s extremely important to place your content to relevant websites to both your guest post and to your website. It doesn’t make sense if your post is about fashion and you submit your article to a technology blog.

Doing this will harm your website rather than add value to it since backlinks work as votes to the linked sites then voting to a fashion website will add no value if voted from a technology blog and so on.

This step is not only important for guest posts but also important for submitting your site to an online directory. It makes sense to post your website to an online directory that is relevant to your website where customers will search for your business, and they already know they are in the right place looking for you.


Writing articles and guest posts is really an important step in the SEO process if written carefully and taken care of consistently and uniquely. Treat every article you’re about to write as a separate project in itself.

Pick the right catchy unique ideas, write a draft outline to it, then a great introduction and the content will flow in your mind by itself. Pay a great attention to which website you’re posting your content to, with relevancy and uniqueness in your mind.