3 Ways To Deal With Blogging Overwhelm Pronto

Blogging Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed?! Trying to start a blog?! Raising a two year old by myself while trying to get a blog going has had its challenges. Many MANY challenges.

Some days all I want to do is cry and scream because I can’t own a train of thought for more than 2 minutes. Ideas constantly flowing through my brain of what to write, how to make the site better, and overall website maintenance.

It can be very frustrating because I feel I don’t ever get anything done.

And really I am just inching along, which is better than standing still. There are so many dang tasks to be on top of when blogging, when you consider and list out everything that needs to be done, it is almost unrealistic for any ONE person to do all those things. Like staying on top of social media, creating podcasts, webinars, creating your email sequences, improving SEO, finding back-links, etc.

I guess I just want to say that I totally get it, cause I feel the stress often.

Here are some things that I DO do, to help ease some of the overwhelm:


I would even say have a pad of paper with you at all times. This way when random ideas go through your head, all you need to do is jot down or draw a quick doodle to help you remember later. This allows your mind to let go of that thought.

I do this for blogging AND my jewelry making. If I see a design I like or one that inspires an idea, I get my notepad out and draw a rough sketch before my racing mind moves on to something else.

Not only is my mind trying to fix problems, come up with new ideas, and keep track of my to-do list, I am trying to LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. Ay-yay-yai!!!

So this is why I find writing everything down absolutely imperative. If I forget my notepad, I can totally notice an additional layer of stress throughout my day. We only have so much room in our brains for multi-tasking.

Then once you have a nice chunk of time you can site down and organize all those thoughts into a productive plan.

Go For a walk 

I cannot express how many times (while walking, running, or playing volleyball) my creative ideas have become crystal clear after getting my heart rate going.

I have noticed that I hold my breath quite a bit, unconsciously, when I am feeling stressed and exercise is a great way to bring awareness to things like that. When I take walks with my little one, I bring my dog along for the stroller ride too, that way everyone gets a little fresh air.

If you are feeling extremely overwhelmed and stressed, and you don’t have time or are not in a place you can exercise, a quick check in with yourself can really do wonders.

Just close your eyes, breath in deep through your nose, and out through your mouth.

Now this time, just think about what and why you are feeling stressed. NO JUDGEMENT! No matter what it is.

On the next breath in, lightly tap your chest rhythmically for a breath or two. If you are prone to anxiety (like I am) this one can really calm your mind. I use this method often.

 Refine your goals

This one is SOOOOO important and goes hand in hand with writing everything down. When you come back around to that and organize those thoughts, make sure you are making realistic goals for yourself.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else because everyone’s life is so different, stress levels are different, and only you know what will be considered realistic.

For months after first starting my blog I was completely overwhelmed and stressed because I felt like I was constantly behind on tasks, like I was failing. BUT, once I sat down and forced myself to be more realistic about what I needed to achieve, it relieved that stress of always “feeling late” because I kept reminding myself that I am doing the best I can (especially being a single mother).

It sounds so simple, but sometimes we don’t even realize some of these subconscious issues going on.

And these three are the most important things I would focus on immediately to help relieve some of that overwhelm. Blogging is like a marathon, so you have to keep going. Keep pushing yourself but also respect your own needs to stay happy.

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